Hot Water Systems

  • Rainwater collection
  • Grey water
  • Replacement of water tanks
  • Pump replacement
  • Rainwater design distribution
  • Collection pits
  • Installation of change over devices
  • Supply of rainwater accessories

Integrity Plumbing offer a full range of Hot Water Services including Installations, Maintenance and Repairs to our domestic, commercial and industrial clients. We offer prompt and professional service to reinstate your hot water supply. So whether you have an emergency, or would like a quote for a new installation, we are happy to hear from you.

Hot Water System Installation


Hot Water Service Repairs

Our team at Integrity Plumbing will assess the problem with your Hot Water Service and always endeavour to repair the unit first if possible. However, if the unti is unable to be repaired, Integrity Plumbing can easily supply and install a new unit.

When replacing your existing Hot Water unit, we will advise you on which brands and units would best suit your needs, taking into consideration; family size, efficiency and budget. 
Are you always running out of hot water? Your hot water unit may be undersized for your requirements.


Gas & Electric Hot Water Systems

Integrity Plumbing is experienced in all Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems, providing solutions, repairs and replacement.


Instantaneous Hot Water System

The hot water system heats the water as it is used and therefore it never runs out. By heating the water as it is used, your gas usage becomes more efficient, lowering those bills. Instantaneous Hot Water systems are often desired by larger families where there is a higher demand for hot water. It is also suitable for a small household where there may be space limitations to store a hot water tank.


Same Day Service

At Integrity Plumbing we understand the importance of having a functioning hot water service. That is why we offer same day service to repair or replace your Hot Water Service.


Products & Brands

We supply, install and service all the leading Hot Water Service brands, including:

  •     Aquamax
  •     Bosch
  •     Everhot
  •     Rheem
  •     Rinnai
  •     Vulcan
Rinnai - AquaMax - Rheem - Vulcan

 If you need advice about replacing an existing system or a quote for a completely new installation, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive and impartial advice, call us on 0427 529 537.

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